Once while having dinner with a bunch of friends, one of them asked, “What is that one thing you are really passionate about?”. I thought for a while but my answer was “none”.He said its one of the saddest thing to not know what you really want in life. The conversation headed to a different topic and the question vanished. Few days back I came across one of his feeds on instagram when that question popped again. There’s got to be something that I really want to do for the rest of my life, I told myself. and there came my answer. “To be able to express what I always feel” this is one thing I always wanted and maybe thats the only thing I am genuinely passionate about. I have never been really good at expressing myself vocally and I guess thats the reason why I chose writing over speaking.. My elder brother has been an inspiration for me to write and this friend of mine helped me realise it. So on this special day of mine called the ‘birthday’, I plan to start a blog where I would write what I feel, my stories , my experiences and about people I come across and a lot more.! So here’s to a new start.

First blog coming up soon! Do read coz HER STORY COULD BE YOURS!


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