My heart skipped a beat, when I first saw you!

The time had come.

I was to finally see him,

After knowing for months-through Skype.

Dreaming about it every single day,

had made me restless and nervous.

I moved up and down the place briskly,

Waiting for him to descend.

At times, I fidgeted with my tresses,

 Other moment I bit my nails.

For an instance, I thought

I was shivering with excitement.

My mind was full of him.

How would he react?

Will we shake hands or hug each other?

Will it be casual or a tight one?

Would he be anxious as much as I was?

I was intrigued to face him!!!

I heard honking of a car from behind.

He was finally here!

Cheeks flushed, heart raced

I felt weak at the knees.

Walking in my direction,

The visual was mesmerizing.

His smile, infectious assured me,

How happy he was to be there!

I hurriedly walked ahead

Our slightest touch,

And I turned pink.

My hands encircling his neck

His, around my waist.

I took in the scent.

The feeling made me dizzy.

It lasted a millionth of a second.

But felt like eternity!



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