You breathed last, I breathed relief!!

We were sisters by blood.

We kept promises.

We shared our enigmas.

We covered up for each other.

We lived a perfect fairytale.

Until, you got what I wanted-HIM.

You were springing with delight,

My heart was filled with agony.

Fury superceded the torment.

My life turned into a nightmare.

Eyes scorching with the fire you lit,

My heart burnt with its flames.

I sought vengeance.


In the dark,

you were in deep slumber.

Your face calm with content,

Mine heating with revenge.

I  pressed the pillow against yours.

You tried screaming for help.

Your heart pounding with terror,

Pulse racing astonishingly,

And limbs battling to sustain.

But in vain!

All went mute.

Ultimately you breathed last,

I breathed relief!



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