In the dark, they found hope!!

                         November had just rolled in. The wind these days got more than just air with itself. Chilly weather it was!

Seated in the porch, I indulged in hot coffee. I was on a ‘don’t know for how long’ sabbatical.

Had I been working, I would hardly get an opportunity to be whiling around. I was keen on making the most of this extended vacation.

Mother nature painted the sky in hues of black early lately. Birds retreated earlier than usual after their evening fly.

Across the road, vegetable vendors were setting up their vehicles with fresh stock from the market.

Two of them were even bickering over places , I could roughly hear their conversation. Vehicles filled up the place with their sound.

Almost at the same time, a lady with three children approached one of them, two girls and a boy. She was draped in a faded cotton saree with a green bangle in each hand.

She had the significant red color on her forehead. Her hair was tied in a long, oiled braid. Looking at her she must have been in her late 20s.

The boy, I assumed must have been her youngest child. Hair unkept, oily face and running nose, he was dressed in a worn out sweater and half pants. His paragon chappals would betray him any moment. Inspite of this, he had a magical smile which could light up any poker face.

The two daughters, slightly elder than him were still in their school uniforms with braided hair and red ribbons.

Three of them together did what all children at their age could do – troubling each other, running around their mother, trying to cross the road, ganging up and teasing the one who was alone, asking their mother to buy sweets.

While the kids were having fun amongst them, I was engrossed in watching them. Suddenly they heard some sound from above. It was an airplane. With lights flashing from the sky, they started jumping in glee.

They clapped their hands in unsion while their mother watched them with amaze. Their eyes were glued to that fascinating object until it completely hid behind the clouds. They started running in circles holding each other’s hands. The place which a few moments ago witnessed chaos was now echoing with their laughter. This was definitely the kids’ way of saying LOVE YOU ZINDAGI!!


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