Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain…


She brightened the room with her exuberance.

She sprinkled happiness all along her journey.

Merely out of her teens, she had just enrolled herself in graduation college.

In the extra time that she got, she slogged at a clinic in two shifts.

Two siblings to look after and a drunkard whom she called ’dad’, the entire family

relied on their young daughter.

Her calendar was overflowing with bills to clear, paying off the rent and buying her

father’s meds.

Shuffling between work, family and studies, she did all of it selflessly.

The love in her life was like a breeze of fresh air in murk.

Regardless of all the distress, she regretted nothing.

She discovered new places, went to different eateries, bought fancy clothes-the ones

she could afford, spent time with friends.

She helped her younger siblings with their studies. She nurtured her father like a

little child in spite of him being of no use.

Never did she give up. She was always full of life.

Once when we had no patients at the clinic, I asked her, “Why don’t you ever

complain of all the things you have to go through at this age?”

Her reply was sincere and honest. “Madam, I have just one life. Why waste it over




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