Dressed in an ox colored off shoulder gown, my wavy hair flowing with the wind’s rhythm,

My face glowing with your presence and my eyes sparkling,

I was running in the woods.

I kept moving ahead against all obstacles while trying to keep the dress off my feet.

With each step ahead I came closer to your silhouettte.

My heart racing faster and faster as I approached you.

Right at the end of the woods, by the riverside you stood there with glory.

Looking dapper in the plush white suit, a diamond shining in one of your ears and the well kept hair,

the envious grin on your face, You looked nothing but spectacular.

I stood at a feet’s distance, raised my hand to sense your face,


Your eyes piercing into mine, I could feel the love that I longed for!

Your Midas touch flushed my face with red humor.

You were every bit of the man whom I vied for.

Reviving from the pleasant shock, I embraced you.

My hands holding you so tight that they gave you bruises.

I didn’t want you to leave.

We sat there-my head resting on your shoulder and fingers entwined in yours!

Looking at the gushing water, I wanted this moment to last forever.





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