As a 365-day sojourn awaited its end,

she held onto the memoirs of it.

She strolled down the lane,

To arrive at, from where she commenced.

The year began with leaping off a cliff,

Leaving the weaknesses and fears at bay.

Escapist she was, moving places

To seek what she was looking for!

With her niece turning one,

the child she loved as her own, she grew wiser.

Her loved ones owned the mid-year.

Some departed, few retreated while others stayed thick.

Her soul washed away all the bruises in the downpour

Befriending the ones she’d left behind.

Half a decade at the Alma mater,

she aged along, had reached its finishing line.

A new era was to rise.

When she blew a candle more than the last year,

She made no fuss.

The words at her rescue, her spirit rejoiced!

The arrival of her friend’s little one,

she believed in ‘forevers’ again!

Contemplating this breathtaking journey,

She revisited the last pieces of it.

To bid adieu and say her goodbyes!


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