New girl in the hospital…

Chapter 1:The Emergency Room 

New beginnings are always elating, like the beginning of a roller coaster ride-sending an adrenaline rush. 

6 months had passed since I held a mouth mirror and a probe (dental instruments).

It was my 3rd day as a dental resident in one of the biggest hospitals of Pune.

During my dental course, I had the opportunity to see a few trauma cases, but today was my first one, as the doctor incharge.

In the evening at around 7.30-7.45,I received my first emergency call. Anxious and thrilled at the same time, I arrived at the casualty room 15 minutes later.

The room was huge with around 15-16 beds, 7-8 on either sides. There was a long desk at the other end of the room with the casualty papers, investigation sheets and emergency equipment.

Majority of the beds occupied with emergency patients-some road traffic accident cases, some domestic violence while assault being the others, patients ranging from kids to elderly.

A herd of local goons were arguing with the casualty medical officer when I reached the equipment desk. Petrified at the sight, I immediately moved towards the patient concerned.
My patient was on the 4th bed on the right side-a one year old crying in the arms of his mother. His mouth was bleeding due to a fall he had at home while playing. His moist eyes and weeping sound gave me goosebumps. The ENT resident had already examined him. His lacerated tongue was sutured and medicines prescribed.

Giving him a cotton pack to stop the bleeding, I stood there for sometime till his crying stopped. His mother worried seeing the blood, I assured her that everything would be fine. Sitting besides her, I played a little with the kid till he calmed down.

All this while, I could still hear those thugs arguing with the officer. To mellow down the situation, cops were called to intervene. 

After I was done treating the patient I was on my way towads the exit when a transgender came upto me.He noticed the white coat I wore. Lifting up his kurta, he asked me to examine his stomach. His request left me stunned. I looked around for help but in vain. All the emergency doctors were engaged with the patients or their family members. His breath smelled of alcohol. He further asked me where he could lodge a complaint. On asking him about the injury, he told me he had been beaten up by a shopkeeper.I gave him directions to the police cabin and suggested he go there to get his issue resolved.

To add to the scenario, a critical patient was declared dead by one of the senior residents. The room echoed with the cry of the patient’s dear ones. The patient’s wife begged the doctor to do something. Helpless, the doctor nodded his head in disagreement and left the room.

Witnessing a series of events on the very first day of my call, was too hard to digest. I left the place and walked towards the canteen.

“Dada, ek coffee deta ka please( Can I get a cup of coffee please?)”, I asked the waiter at the canteen.

My first experience was indeed an unforgettable one!!


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