Of men, love and passion….

She stared in the dark through her broken window,

the sun and the birds on their journey of retreat.

She realised it was showtime.

Putting on the sequinned blouse and the vibrant golden skirt,

she carved her eyes with the gritty kohl.

Her lips painted with the brightest of colours- scarlet, brown, wine, fuchsia.

Time to love someone, she said,

while admiring herself in the mirror!

She came across about 3-4 men daily.

With some, she loved the depth in their eyes,

with some she fell for the way they caressed her,

she loved the intoxicating fragrance of some,

with others she lost herself in their tales.

Lips smudged, hair messed up…

She unraveled herself in layers!

But each one of them failed to appraise her.

Love, was what she thought,

with no savour in return.

“You were not made for love”, she heard them say,

she coyly smiled and brushed away!

Of all the men she knew,

she loved and nursed each of them,

though everyone pleased her body…

no one touched her bare soul!!


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