She was his chaos…

She was transformed into a voluptuous woman,

when he spotted her in the bar after well-nigh a decade.

Hips swaying to the rhythm of the bass,

hair bouncing at the breeze of the air.

She was a sight to behold in that little black dress.

His heaving heart spilling with nostalgia.

They were merely teens circling around each other,

on their common rooftop.

Teasing and taunting, playing and laughing

Hiding their innocence from the outside world.

They were in love, he presumed.

They were in love with the idea of love, she asserted.

Years passed,

and so did the women he slept around with.

He fooled around with a few,

fell in and out of love with many,

but never did he feel at home with any.

She was the magnum ocean for him,

always retorting to her wilderness…

Like the waves,

who hit the shore for a while,

and gasp in the calmness

but always recede to the chaos inside.


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