New girl in the hospital!


It’s been over a month since I have started blogging on my medico life. From the time I began working at the hospital, I have been bombarded with multiple queries regarding my work timings, the kind of work I do, the people I work with and a lot more.

Appointed as the junior dental resident of the hospital two months back, I work here 24*7. With another colleague at the same position and a senior resident, we are a set of approximately 10-12 people working in the dental department of the hospital, including the nurses, ward boys and observers.

Being a tertiary healthcare centre, the aim mostly is to provide the basic health facilities to the common people. So in the dental OPD (Out-patient department), providing immediate relief to the patient’s complaint is the primary concern. We work for 6 days a week, providing dental treatments like tooth extractions, fillings, root canal treatments.

The work environment is quite healthy, with all the staff helping each other for maximum efficiency. Earlier, it was difficult to cope up with the number of patients and workload. But I am getting pretty acquainted with it now.

The most tedious task is managing emergency cases. There are a lot of casualty cases of assaults, road traffic accidents, gang fights being reported in the hospital. Giving them the primary care is the top most priority.

In patient department(IPD) houses patients needing surgical assistance. Maintaining their daily health record, posting them for Operation theatre and assisting in surgeries is also one of the many jobs I am expected to carry out.
Initially, I was a bit reluctant to work here. A completely new set up with a lot of responsibilities, I was a tad too nervous. To add to it, I was the youngest among the residents.

Just out of my cocoon, I was left in the outer world to explore. But I took it as a challenge.
Disappointed a few times, elated at others, satisfied with the work a few times, the beginning was a bumpy ride. But with amazing people around available to help and co-ordinate, I got through it easily.

Now I work carefree, accepting the potholes and taking my risks. I stumble at times, but I try to do my best as far as I can. I know the people around, they are no more just acquaintances now. I am used to working round the clock, ready to wake up at any time of the day to see emergency patients, working beyond OPD timings in times of patient overflow, I have learned to manage it all and still ready to learn more.

The place isn’t a stranger anymore, I am very much a part of it. Facing new hurdles, finding ways to solve them, new experiences, new teachings, I am taking it one at a time.

The new girl in the hospital is no more new now!!



2 thoughts on “New girl in the hospital!

  1. Nice story Dr.Madhura I have seen your work with passion. any other girl doing like this. You just need guidance .best of luck. And conquer your world. .we are here to help you. .bye tc

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