Happy Father’s day

Dear Pappa,
It’s been exactly a year since I got AVIANSH inked on my left arm. A lot of people thought it was clichéd, since tattoos related to fathers were trending. But it being my first tattoo, I wanted it to have a meaning in my life. Hence AVIANSH.

Pappa, I will always remain an inseparable part of you. You have and will always be the first man in my life whom I revere unquestioningly. There are going to be times when we will have arguments, when our wavelengths wouldn’t match and we would never agree on certain things, but ultimately you would always be the person I will come back to unhesitantly.

We have seen you fall and rise and fall again in your political career, but you always survived the storm. You’ve had tough times and we have faced difficult situations but You never let that affect our upbringing. You worked immensely hard to give the kind of opulent life we always asked for.

You, pappa, have always believed in giving without receiving anything in return. There were a lot of people who misused your generosity and kindness, but you still greeted them with a smile. Karma would bless them with their deeds, you always said and preached. You sowed the seeds, but never wished for the fruits. You worked selflessly. And you expected us to do the same. And that’s the reason people adore you. I guess that’s the greatest thing you’ve earned in your life.

You’ve been disappointed by people so many times, yet you never questioned anybody. You lived and you let live.

You have been the strongest support and identity that this family has, and we will eternally be thankful to you.
Dear pappa, whatever I do in life, will always be a reflection of you. I’d always be proud to be called as Avinashdada’s daughter, and I wouldn’t trade it with anything.

I hope I’d achieve my dreams and ambitions for you to be proud of me, so that someday you’d be called as Meera’s father.

YOU pappa, have a million more things to achieve in life before you think of your retirement, so stay strong and brave and unwavering.

Till then, Happy Father’s day!

                             Your loving daughter,
                              Meera Avinash


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