Chirpily she moved into her new abode, she had been yearning for.

She believed she’d sleep peacefully, bolting the door.

Returning weary from work, having had her supper outside,

She dashed into the bedroom to doze off, with her book by her side.

Only to awaken in the middle of the night,

Sounds and noises, doors creaking and windows rattling made her fright.

At first, she thought she had a dream,

until she heard her name being screamed.

She traced the voice, from kitchen to living room,

In the walls against the dark it evaporated soon.

She dismissed it entirely the next day, presuming it to be a nightmare.

She returned home to the similar voice, today clearer and bare.

She asked him what he desired, a friend he replied.

He had been locked up alone for really long he sighed.

Petrified and worried, she said yes.

She knew she had landed herself in a mess.

Days passed, he turned from a friend to family

She looked forward to hear him every day happily.

Her friends were tensed about her hallucinations,

They alarmed her to stay at home with caution.

She thought her friends were being mean and sour,

‘cause she had made peace with the war.

She was certain he’d ne’er harm her,

For she was all that he starved for!





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